SIM (Safety In Minutes)

Delivering Safety & Compliance Strategic Solutions.


Our business suggestion is based around making the right procedure and going with customers on an excursion that mentors and works with faculty at all levels of company to further develop companies safety and health performance.

Why start with SIM?

Once you’re on the cloud, easy access to your company’s data will save time and money.


How to save time and money?

Hiring remotely as per MTO and DOT requirement

SIM will help your company to send link to new drivers for application who wants to join; they can fill up an application at home, upload documents with phone, tablet, and computer.
Speed up the hiring process.

Driver App

Driver can access shareable documents like, CVOR, Insurance slip, any time through driver app.
Driver can upload documents like driver’s license, etc.
Drivers will get reminders and notifications for driver’s license expiry, medical due, etc.


If you own shop or hire mechanic, access maintenance tab, create work orders, invoices, PM, Annual and Regular maintenance, live maintenance work, after saving data safety administrator can easily access on cloud all documents related to maintenance.

Road Test App

Instructor will use app for Road Test, after road test, safety department can see result, no printing again, save on cloud, user friendly.

Reference check

With the help of SIM, safety administrator easily request reference check.


If driver is involved in accident/incident, driver will access incident report online and fill from tablet, phone and computer, safety will get on the same time when driver will save on cloud.


Safety will get shortcut for C-TPAT portal.
Assign seal to driver, track seal under driver profile.


Owner can easily access graph for ratings. Safety can easily get all the CVOR and SMS details.


Manage details for tickets summons and cases.


Owner can check summary for company if anything due, access in one click.


By using encryption, information is not accessible to anyone not authorized to view your data.


This improved freedom and flexibility can make a significant difference to the overall efficiency of your organization.


Through SIM, you can offer conveniently accessible information to safety, mechanics, drivers and owners.

Quality Control

With the help of SIM, all documents are stored in one place and in a single format. With everyone accessing the same information, you can maintain consistency in data, avoid human error, and have a clear record of any revisions or updates.

Disaster Recovery

Cloud-based services provide for quick data recovery for all kinds of emergency scenarios, from natural disasters to power outage.

Automatic Software Updates

Applications automatically refresh and update themselves, instead of forcing an IT department to perform a manual organization wide update.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Add drug and alcohol test results in portal.

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